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In 2021 BROWSER had a successful inaugural round of commissions, workshop, and festival. We plan to expand for further iterations of the project, seeking not only to raise a larger budget for the commissions and festival, but also to foster a growing repository of research, inspiration, and education around web-based sound art


For its inaugural round, BROWSER commissioned 10 artists/web-developers (hereafter, simply 'artists'), premiered 5 new works and 1 existing work in an interactive online festival, and held 3 open workshops. Our 10 commissioned artists were selected from an open call of 76 applications, received from all across the globe. This page is an archive of what have done.

Workshops: Overview

We held 5 online group meetings which were open to the 76 people who submitted an application to BROWSER, as well as anyone else who asked to join. These meetings consisted of 1) workshops held by guest artists, 2) BROWSER's commissioned artists sharing the progress on their new works, and 3) collaborative planning and production of the BROWSER 2021 online festival. 

Workshop #1: Introductions and Commons

The 10 commissioned artists each presented their individual work. Following that, they freely organized into the pairings that would create the 5 new collaborative works for BROWSER. These pairings became:

Jana de Troyer and Steffen Reichelt

Delia Ramos and Nikolay Suslov

Carla Tapparo and Rapo

Solomiya Moroz and Curt Miller

Zak Argabrite and Becky Brown

additionally, BROWSER selected Kevin CK Lo to present his work at the BROWSER Festival. 

The session ended with a google doc that all the participants filled with pieces and learning resources around the topic of web-based art. A Slack group was also created to facilitate ongoing discussions.

Workshop #2: Laurens Inauen

Laurens Inauen gave a lecture on generative music aesthetics, and presented a perspective on how web-based art is situated amidst contemporary music's legacy and discourse. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.12.36

Slide: situating the browser alongside Marshall McLuhan's media theory

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 7.35.01 PM 2.p

Screenshot: authenticity, distance, and authority in music

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.11.53

Github: Coding examples

Workshop #3: Nicolas Zupfer

Nicolas Zupfer presented his work in experimental graphic design and workshopped the artists' works-in-progress

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.21.45

Screenshot: Nicolas' artistic practice

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.23.42

Screenshot: Nicolas' artistic practice

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.24.33

Screenshot: Curt Miller and Solomiya Moroz presenting their work-in-progress

Radiosendung: SWR2

On April 24th, the SWR2 spoke with BROWSER board member Nikola Lutz about BROWSER and the current new music scene in Stuttgart.

Radiosendung hier.

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