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The creative potential for contemporary music on the internet is widely under-utilized. Concert live streams, pre-recorded split-screen performances, music on the internet often cheaply imitates a live music experience, and seldom seeks to be a unique listening experience in of itself. For composers and sound artists, the barrier of entry is often programming skills and financial resources. For web-developers, there is often little space to engage in creative exploration and risk in the standard professional environment. 


In Browser, artists and web developers both tackle these barriers through being paired with one another and fostering a three-month collaborative relationship towards creating a new work of web-based music. Through collaboration and five online group sessions, artists will gain an understanding of how web-development works, web-developers will gain insight into how to develop and realize a creative idea, and both will receive a stipend for their work and research. At the end of their three-month journey, the artist-webdev pair will present their work in June 2021 for Browser’s inaugural digital festival+conference.


Participants of Browser 2021 will:

  • work as a collaborative pair (one artist and one web developer)* to create a new work. 

  • each receive a €400 stipend

  • participate in online group sessions with the rest of the participants (five times over the course of three months)

    • March 18th, March 25th, April 15th, May 6th, and May 27th

  • document and present their work on June 11-12 2021 for Browser’s digital festival+conference

Browser 2021 will operate entirely online, and therefore will not require any travel or in person meetings.


Application is free and open to everyone in the universe.


Applications are open January 15th and close February 15th at midnight CEST (3pm PST; 6pm EST).

Apply here.

*This distinction of roles is not binding to the structure of the workshop. A participant may identify as both an artist and web-developer. The goal in the pairing is primarily to create fruitful collaborative matches.

What is Web-Based Music?

stuff like thisthis, this, this, this, this,  this, and this!

Most broadly, it is music that creatively utilizes the tools, environment, and social culture of the web. A user's sensory experience is highly different on the web than it is in a live concert setting. Yet, many of formats we hear music on the internet seek to imitate the live experience. While there is nothing wrong with pursuing that live space, Browser believes there is a wealth of beautiful and strange art to be made when the opposite attitude is taken. The music of the internet need not imitate music in physical spaces.

Ok cool, how do I apply?

Apply here. Applicants (both artists and web-developers) submit through a google form:

  • General Information (like your name)

  • Project Proposal or Statement of Motivation (300 words max)

  • Resume/C.V./Biography

Wow that sounds really cool, I have several follow up questions.

Do I apply individually, or do I need to already have a collaborative partner to apply with?

You can apply individually and we will pair you with a collaborator that best matches you. You can also apply as a pair if you wish.

A 3-month project, is this a big time commitment?

Aside from participating in the 5 meetings and the June festival, the time commitment is flexible depending on what you and your collaborative partner decide.

As an artist, do I need to have programming knowledge to apply?

There are no requisite skills or experience required to apply.

How will my web-based music be hosted? Will I own the work I create?

You will own your work, and may host it yourself if you wish. Alternatively, you will also have the option to host your web-work on Browser's domain. 

What is happening in these 5 group sessions?

Wonderful things! There will be breakout sessions on web-development basics, best practices for artistic collaboration, Tone.js, and music / sound-art composition. Participants will also share their project progress in the groups, and have the opportunity to receive feedback.

Keep me in the loop with BROWSER's whereabouts!

Who is Browser 2021?

Graphics from the Noun Project:

By Smalllike 

In the Miss Univers Collection

By Richard, ID 

In the NAVICON Collection

By Komkrit Noenpoempisut, TH 

In the Computer Collection


Browser is a cooperation between Brandon Lincoln Snyder, the Stuttgart Kollektiv für aktuelle Musik, and the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart

Browser is run by Brandon Lincoln Snyder. 

The selection of participants will be made by a 5-member jury. 

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