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wisps, nearly non-existent (among stars eyes walking closed) [2016]

for flute and viola - 2' 30"

Premiered by Annie Wu and Martine Thomas

Program Note

wisps,... takes inspiration from a piece by Martine Thomas which involves a performer leaving their belongings behind, going outside, closing their eyes and walking forward. In that work, I felt a surreal detachment from my world, as I floated in a black, otherworldly, visual vacuum. Simultaneously, the sonic, my guiding sense, took a hyper-defined presence, as it no longer was a peripheral sense, but one for primary navigation. One may feel the music of wisps,... traveling through the atmospheric expanse of the space, being whisked, higher and higher upward, swirling in a cloud above us all, towards the ceiling or sky.


The music was composed in close collaboration and workshopping with Martine Thomas and Annie Wu.

Performance History

04/29/2017 - Premiered by Annie Wu and Martine Thomas. Harvard Arts Museums, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

05/09/2017 - Eunice Lee and Ari Korotkin. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

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