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Ghosts and a Leaving Toward Their Home

oboe, clarinet, 2 piano/percussionists, violin, and violoncello - 6'

premiered at the Cortona Sessions by Marco Crispo (cond.), Alexis Mitchell (ob.), David Angelo (cl.), Sonya Belaya (pno.), Mari Takeda (perc.), Flora Campbell (vln.), Nadja Geier (vc.)  

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Program Note

       This piece is situated at the singular moment where death occurs. Within that moment, memories of the past and gazes towards the future occur simultaneously, in a sort of counterpoint. Here, death is not an end but a midpoint between two different states of life. Ghosts, the beings we see from one side of death, existing on the other, are moving across that existential boundary line. In this piece, the visual and sonic aspects of the music are ghosts of each other. The purely visual, "mimed," gestures decouple from the sounds they appear to evoke. Like ghosts floating in and out of our land of the living, and like the moment of death, where a living being steps for a moment into the dead-world without being dead yet, sound and action float past one another in sequence and counterpoint.

       Though I have never physically died before, this piece came to me as I reflected on other ways I have encountered death. This has been through knowing people who have died, as well as from experiencing changes in life seasons, where one identity dies and another begins to take shape. 

Performance History

7/14/2017 - Cortona Sessions (premiere). Cortona, Italy.

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