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Viewing Lens, Magnetic Shards, Organisms [2014]

for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano - 9' 20"

Premiered by Dinosaur Annex

Program Note

Viewing Lens,... is an expression of the enjoyment and fascination I have with perspectives. With cameras we are able to capture both the macro and the micro. We have satellites in space that can capture a frame of the whole earth, yet also zoom in so incredibly far as to read the nutrition facts on a food label in your backyard. It is profound that we can look at an object from one distance, discover things about it, and then when we look at it from another distance, discover wildly different things than before, despite the fact that nothing about the object has changed.

Viewing Lens,... presents a material from a very far distance, and then moves the listener closer and closer, all while never changing the material itself.

I wrote an essay on this piece for the Ecdysis Journal, which can be viewed here.

Performance History

04/03/2015 - Premiered by Dinosaur Annex. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

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