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Give Sound / Receive Sound [2018]

film performance featuring Brandon Lincoln Snyder, Eden Girma, and David Angelo - 24'. Original piece by Pauline Oliveros

Moments from the Premiere: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Vessel Gallery

Program Note

Brandon Lincoln Snyder, Eden Girma, and David Angelo perform Pauline Oliveros’ "Give Sound / Receive Sound," whose entire sheet music is the following:



Give sound. 


Receive sound. 

Performed in multiple locations over multiple days, "Give Sound / Receive Sound" highlights aspects of listening and music-making not typically acknowledged. These aspects included performance space, the presence of videographers, and the time before and after the performance. 

Keyboard and Electronics – Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Voice and Electronics – Eden Girma
Clarinet – David Angelo

Videography – Tyler Parker
Audio – Brandon Lincoln Snyder

About the Premiere

Give Sound / Receive Sound was premiered at the Vessel Gallery as a collaboration between Brandon Lincoln Snyder and Essa Li 


The event was a night of music and video featuring:


7 by 7 (screening)

"an ethnographic visual album that explores youth culture in San Francisco through a variety of born and raised artists. Directed, produced, and mix/mastered by Kenny Okagaki”


Give Sound / Receive Sound (screening)

live music by Eden Girma

Improvisation by David Angelo, Kevin Madison, Bri Tagliaferro, and Dan Reifsteck

Performance History

4/8/2018 - Premiered at GIVE SOUND / RECEIVE SOUND, a night of music hosted at the Vessel Gallery. Cambridge, MA.

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