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quiet time [2019]

broken piano and electronics - 3' 30"

premiered by the composer

Piano Drop Exhibition | Audio Only | Poiema Feature

Program Note

In the morning before the day begins, I try to spend a moment alone with God. Usually a mixture of praying, reading, and singing, I refer to this routine as quiet time. 

About the Premiere

In 1968 KRAB FM—which was founded and run by the Jack Straw Foundation, now known as Jack Straw Cultural Center—collaborated with the Helix newspaper and KRAB producer and musician Larry Van Over to drop an upright piano from a helicopter at Van Over's farm in Duvall, Washington.

Piano Drop, a commemoration of this historic occasion, publicly displays what remains of this instrument for the first time since the event, along with historical film footage and documents, and recordings of new music composed and performed on the instrument.

This exhibit is a collaboration of Jack Straw Cultural Center, the KRAB Archive, Paul Dorpat (Helix co-founder and KRAB programmer), Charles Reinsch, and the musicians who responded to our open call: James Borchers, Jeffrey Bowen, Gust Burns, Amy Denio, Luke Fitzpatrick, Lori Goldston, Bruce Greeley, Jay Hamilton, Bradley Hawkins, Aaron Keyt, Dave Knott, Austin Larkin, Constantin Parvulescu, Stanley Shikuma, Ski, and Brandon Lincoln Snyder. Special thanks to Larry Van Over and our friends in Duvall, without whom the piano drop would never have happened.

Performance History

5/6/2020 - featured in Poiema, Issue 3.

2/11/2019 - 3/15/2019 - Brandon Lincoln Snyder (premiere and installation). Piano Drop, Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA

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