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Preparing Remembering  a Room

oboe, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, viola, violoncello, electronics, and field recording installation -9' (+ 5' Prelude)

commissioned by Nebula Ensemble

Program Note

      This piece is a groan, a sort of guttural moaning that comes from feeling something vast that one cannot quite articulate in words.

      It is a meditation on spaces. Particularly, a meditation on the stories and timelines that pass through a space, adding human and transient dimensions to it.

      Listeners are invited to meditate on the space they are in. Written in collaboration with Nebula EnsemblePreparing – Remembering – a Room was premiered in Denver, Colorado, USA. Leading up to the premiere, field recordings of Denver were collected and incorporated into the piece. Wherever this piece is performed, recordings of the local area are used in the performance. This is one of way the piece invites a listener to meditate, all at once, on the space of their mind, the space of the performance (Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church), and the space of Denver.

     Mediated through time, it is a wordless groan of hazy but persistent imagination. It swells and contorts in shape, as memory may do. It strains to document and longs in desire. It is warmed by nostalgia.

Performance History

6/22/2018 - Nebula Ensemble (premiere). Nebula Summer Festival. Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church. Denver, CO.

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