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Good Morning Darmstadt

My podcast team: Edvardas Sumila, Hannah Rosa Schiller, me, Krzyzstof Stefanski, and Andrew Chung

Once a semester in my college years, my friends and I would take an infamous trip to Yamato's all-you-can-eat sushi. It was this special occasion where we could indulge in excessive amounts of what is typically a food of small, refined portions. For the past two weeks I've been at the Darmstadt 2018 Summer Course, where I've been taking part in the Talking About Music workshop. The concerts, lectures, pop-up performances, and writing thats been happening here -- I've been consuming so much new music that I am reminded of those special meals at Yamato's. On one hand, I am stuffed. One the other, its tastes so good.

In the Talking About Music workshop, we have been producing a daily podcast covering the festival's happenings, as well as producing reviews, preview pieces, interviews, and think pieces on our blog. Do give these a listen and a read. From a 16 person team representing countries such as Poland, Norway, Scotland, Lithuania, Belgium, Australia and the States, the perspectives are absolutely fascinating.

Here are a choice selection of those items which I have been able to take part in:

Good Morning Darmstadt Episode 11: Workshops and a Conversation with Helmut Lachenmann

Good Morning Darmstadt Episode 8: Body, Bed & Beer (I had the opportunity to speak with Johannes Kreidler here)

Good Morning Darmstadt Episode 5: Liza Lim, Andreas Demond, and Defragmentation

Good Morning Darmstadt Episode 2: Defragmentation, the GRiNM Manifesto, Thomas Schäfer responds, Juliana Hodkinson (an interesting episode on the conversation around gender and representation at Darmstadt)

"This Concert Will be Without an Interval": Review of the Arditti Quartet performing Hans Thomalla, Isabel Mundry, and Peter Ruzicka.

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