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P5.Sound Crash Course: JavaScript for Sound Artists

In the past year, WebSoundArt has published 5 tutorials for programming web audio, looking at advanced tools such as tone.js, Node for Max, RNBO, React, and the Web Audio API itself. However, if you are looking for an ultra-quick, minimal barriers-to-entry entrance into programming audio on the web, this tutorial here is for you. We are going to explore p5.sound, a library of audio tools inside of p5.js, a larger, popular library for creative coding in JavaScript.

Programming audio with p5 is a great playground for creativity. It was created by and for artists, and once you become familiar with p5.sound, that knowledge will transfer over to the rest of the p5.js library, which is great for coding visuals and interactive elements.

Whether you are looking to quickly prototype a musical idea, add music to an existing website or web project, or even looking to learn JavaScript from scratch, p5.sound is a great starting place for artists with little to no background in programming.

Read the full article on WebSoundArt


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