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A Gradual Process - An MEC Original

I produced another video. This time, we take a dive into Music for 18 Musicians, Steve Reich's seminal work, and the anthem for minimalism in contemporary music.

Researching and scripting for this video was an interesting experience for me. Though I had never disliked Steve Reich's music, his work was never discussed or valued among the teachers and institutions I studied at. Growing up, I never thought much of his work beyond the fact that it was pleasing to listen to. After giving this piece several listens, reading a little of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and a bit of Reich's own writings, his work became more distinct in my mind. Where as before I had just looped him in a soup of minimalist composers and communities, I now recognize ways his work is different from composers such as Philip Glass, and John Adams. Particularly, from reading his essay Music as a Gradual Process, as well as the forward to the second edition of his collected writings, I grew a fondness for his pieces as objects. Reich approaches his early and mid-career works as these sort of peculiar and beautiful designed objects, with an elegant structure and architecture. Coming out of the production process of this video, I have a higher appreciation for Music for 18 Musicians and Come Out by Reich, particularly for their structure, the way they develop over time.

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