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Solo, Duo

quiet time - broken piano and electronics, 2019

Taste the Rain - performer, water, objects, electronics, and video, 2018

wisps, nearly non-existent (among stars eyes walking closed) - flute and viola, 2017

#2 - Viola, 2016 

Piece Following the Prelude of Bach's Second Cello Suite - Viola or Cello, 2016

'Cello Solo - 2015

Trio, Quartet

Give Sound / Receive Sound - film featuring Eden Girma, David Angelo, and Brandon Lincoln Snyder, 2018

tree and synthetic. (breath - stasis ahead one final and forward) - alto recorder, violin, and objects, 2017

Lightning | Paper Birch - flute, alto saxophone, and piano, 2017

Like Lightning - flute, alto saxophone, and piano, 2016

Viewing Lens, Magnetic Shards, Organisms - clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano, 2015

Quintet, +

Preparing – Remembering – a Room - oboe, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, viola, violoncello, electronics, and field recording installation, 2018 

Ghosts and a Leaving Toward Their Home - oboe, clarinet, 2 piano/percussionists, violin, and violoncello, 2017

inRrest - brass quintet, 2013


Large Ensemble

Good. - string orchestra and seven soloists, 2017

The Give and Take - orchestra, 2017

Electronic and Installation

*home* - sound installation, 2019

Leading Me - audio essay and performance, 2019

Sights and Sounds of Home: an Experimental Conversation Between Seeing and Hearing in Architecture - sound installation, 2019


Absent - film score, 2015

Contact Brandon at branlsnyder [at] gmail [dot] com for scores, materials, etc. concerning a performance of a work.

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